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Ziploc Hack by Woman has People Doubting Everything They’ve Ever Known

You may be using up a lot of Ziploc bags when preparing your daily lunch to carry to work or school. This makes perfect sense if you regularly pack a lunch that doesn’t consist of leftovers that you’ll need to reheat in the microwave, but rather a freshly cooked sandwich, some chips, and other casual snacks that you need to keep in a Ziploc bag to keep them fresh.

Instead of wasting countless Ziploc bags every day, TikTok content maker @that40yearguy explains how we can simply double our Ziploc bags using this woman’s cooking trick.

To watch the video, click here.

In the viral clip, which has received around 17 million views, @that40yearguy replied to a clip of a woman warming a sharp knife before cutting a Ziploc bag in half to make 2 different bags.

He then uses the same way to try the hack himself and is surprised to see that it truly worked! We are surprised by this genius hack and so are his followers and commenters.

The days of storing a handful of chips in big baggies to preserve their crispness are gone forever.