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Zero Hedge Promotes Russian Propaganda, US Officials Say


Zero Hedge has been accused of spreading Moscow-controlled propaganda. The accusers are US officials who did not say whether they believe Zero Hedge was of any links to espionage agencies.

Zero Hedge accused of sharing Russian propaganda

Zero Hedge is a far-right libertarian financial site that publishes staff-written pieces and news and opinions gathered from various sources.

The conservative financial news website Zero Hedge is accused by US intelligence officials of promoting Russian propaganda. The officials, who spoke to The Associated Press, cited a series of Zero Hedge reports.  They claim the US government of exaggerating concerns about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. They said the stories came from Kremlin-controlled outlets.

According to The Hill,  Associated Press shared that some of those stories were created by people connected to the Strategic Culture Foundation. The group was sanctioned by the Biden administration for allegedly aiding Russia’s election meddling in 2020.

Zero Hedge  denies claim

Zero Hedge refuted the allegations, claiming it seeks to publish a diverse range of viewpoints representing both sides of a topic. In response, the website stated that it has never worked, coordinated, or partnered with Russia. And it has no ties to espionage organizations, Yahoo News reported.

It’s unclear whether US efforts are having an impact on Putin’s actions. Without providing more evidence of its findings, Washington has been chastised and reminded of previous intelligence failures.  One of those was the debunked claims that pre-war Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Zero Hedge has been harshly critical of Biden and has published stories about allegations of wrongdoing.  For example the scandal of his son, Hunter.  The website is best known for its coverage of markets and finance, it also covers conservative politics.

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