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You’re looking to track your tax refund, right? Consider the following dos and don’ts

It might be annoying to delay weeks or months after filing your taxes for the refund to appear in your savings account. Yet, the IRS warns about certain “myths” in existence that, although their appeal, are useless for guessing when your return will arrive.

There’s a great reason why so many employees are eager to collect their refunds; for the majority of Americans, it’s usually the highest check they’ll get throughout the year. Based on the most recent IRS data, refunds have been on average $2,972 this tax season, despite being 11% lower than they were a year ago.

Undoubtedly, you may take some actions to prevent a filing delay for your tax return. Since handwritten returns must be handled by IRS staff instead of scanned by a system, tax experts advise filing your return digitally. This can delay receiving your refund by weeks or even months.

Second, make sure there are no mistakes on your return before filing because even minor math mistakes might lead your return to get stopped.

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