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You’re being kept in debt by these 3 typical credit cards practices

You’re not alone if you have a debt over one or even more credit cards. As per TransUnion data, U.S. credit card debts were $930 billion during the 4th quarter of 2022. That represents a significant increase from the $785 billion overall credit card balances in the United States one year ago.

Inflation is the key factor behind why credit card debt might just have increased in 2022. From the beginning of the year to the conclusion, living expenses increased. Since their incomes weren’t enough to cover expenses and individuals didn’t get any funds to fall back on, a lot of customers were forced to use credit cards.

But the unfortunate truth is that credit card debt creates a risk to your financial stability. In the beginning, the more likely it is that it will cost you interest fees the longer you have it. As well, your credit score may be harmed if you have excessively high credit card debt in comparison to your overall credit card limit. This implies that the following time a financial emergency arises, you might find yourself in a scenario where you can’t take funds reasonably.

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