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XRP Vs. SEC: Ripple Gets The Permission To Argue On Not Having A Fair Notice

Ripple gets another victory in the ongoing case between XRP Vs. SEC. Analisa Torres, the presiding judge of the case, has agreed to deny the SEC’s motion to strike out Ripple’s appeal on not getting fair notice.

Ripple Vs. SEC: XRP Strengthens Its Position In The Legal Battle As The Evidence Unfolds

Ripple is free to appeal that they didn’t get fair notice

A few days ago, the SEC filed a motion and wanted that Ripple shouldn’t be allowed to argue on the fact that they didn’t receive fair notice. They were arguing that they didn’t receive reasonable notice from the commission. The SEC was claiming that all the rules regarding security laws were quite clear, and hence one can’t blame that they didn’t receive the proper notice.

However, the judge didn’t agree to the point and further granted Ripple permission to use this point to argue and keep their views on the case. The judge didn’t agree with all the arguments given by the company and found it irrelevant to stop Ripple from using the issue to defend itself.

Judge Torres seemed to be frustrated with SEC

In her judgment, the judge claimed that SEC has once again failed to prove its point in the case. They have been making statements to manipulate the facts. She further talked about Ripple pleading on the matter. With the small victory, Ripple is sure that it has a chance to win the case. The SEC Commissioner was not happy with the decision, and he wanted the judge to review the report.

The XRP community is currently ahead in the case. But no such event is confirmed. Recently a massive name from the XRP community even posted that the SEC is now “toast,” which probably means that the company has lost the case.

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