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Woman at Family Gathering Left Stunned after Sleeping with her Cousin

An unnamed woman admitted sleeping with her cousin at a family gathering and now “needed” to be with him.

The poster confessed that when she was 16 years old, there was some “sexual tension” between her and her cousin.

She claims that since her father’s death, she hasn’t spent much time with that side of her family, however after running into him at a reunion, she decided to try it out at last.

Although this guy is the son of her father’s brother, the woman argued that there is no family connection even though the two are related by blood.

She told OK!, “I don’t understand exactly what I need from him, yet I feel like I want him in my life.

However, if anybody discovered what we have done, “I do not know if I’m emotionally balanced enough for the consequences it may produce.”

She finally felt confident enough to contact him with an offer at the family gathering after a couple of drinks, and her cousin confirmed that he shared her sentiments.

The short version is that this woman and her cousin ended up having sexual relations.

She admitted she’s developed an even deeper love for her cousin and desires to be with him as if the region weren’t questionable enough already.

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