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Witness, Evidence of Homicide Case Reveal Blood, Guns, Tubs of THC Found in Crime Scene

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Crime Scene Do Not Cross signage (Photo Credit: Geralt via Pixabay)

A trucker and a Texas City police testified about guns, blood, and THC in a trial about a homicide case in 2020 that involved a home-invasion robbery, which cause the death of three people and injured two others.

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Crime Scene Do Not Cross signage (Photo Credit: Geralt via Pixabay)

19-Year-Old Suspect Charged with Home Invasion and Shooting in Texas in 2020

In 2020, The Daily News reported a home invasion and shooting at 402 Fifth Ave. N. in Texas City in which the 19-year-old Jacob Alvarado was the primary suspect as per the Texas City Police Department. He was taken to the Texas City Jail where he was waiting for his trial.

The police department alleged that Alvarado and two other men entered the apartment of Colton Bruce Nowak, 19, and an unnamed woman, 20, on March 28, 2020. Nowak was killed by the intruders and the woman was wounded in an exchange of gunfire, while Alvarado’s three accomplices fled the scene in which one of them was shot and then died.

Alvarado and one of the men allegedly fled the scene in a car that crashed in the 1000 block of Fourth Avenue. They were transported to an emergency room and later that day, the accomplice died. Police continued to investigate the case and just recently, a trucker and a Texas police were called on as witnesses to the horrendous homicide.

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Blood, Guns, and Tubs of THC

Truck driver Troy Spencer who drove Alvarado to the hospital and a Texas City police officer testified on Wednesday, March 29, about blood, guns, and tubs of THC pertaining to the 2020 homicide case, as per the update from The Daily News.

Spencer’s dash camera caught the audio and video of his encounter with Alvarado in which the latter directed the former to bring him to HCA-Mainland hospital. Along the way, Alvarado removed his gloves and hoodie while saying they were robbed and that his friend died from it. 

Meanwhile, Texas City police officer Christopher Land who is also a member of the department’s crime scene division presented nearly 200 images he recorded on the night of the crime. He found a clown mask, a Spiderman mask, an iPhone, as well as a blood-soaked shoe in the wrecked Mazda. There were also blood droplets on the floor, several handguns, nearly $5,000, and two tubs of THC vape cartridges. A firearm expert and medical examiner are expected to attend the next trial.

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