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Wisconsin citizens paid $36M in marijuana taxes in Illinois, as per a report

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According to a document published by the independent Legislative Budget Bureau, Wisconsin citizens spent over $36 million in taxes on marijuana items in Illinois.

State Senator Melissa Agard of the 16th Senate District, who represents the Madison region, provided the most current message from the agency. The senator had asked for details about Illinois’s collection of revenue and income taxes on marijuana sold to Wisconsin citizens. On Thursday, her office forwarded the document to the media.

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Following the memo, sales of marijuana to Wisconsin citizens were responsible for $36.1 million of Illinois’s marijuana tax income throughout the 2022 financial year.

In 2013 Agard put out a bill to make marijuana completely legal in Wisconsin, and he has supported it ever since. This money might be used to support Wisconsin’s public schools, transit system, and public security, the lawmaker adds in a statement. However, Illinois is profiting from Republican obstructionism and its anti-legalization of marijuana stance.


The letter quotes the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation as saying that the following are the key findings about Wisconsin residents purchasing marijuana from Illinois:

Marijuana was sold in Illinois dispensaries for $1,552.3 million in 2022. Tax revenue is not included in it.