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Will You Receive Any Payments Today? Here’s What You Should Know

Payments this 2023
Will there be payments this 2023? (Photo: NBC)

Millions of Americans across the country expect to receive their payments today, including inflation relief, tax returns, Social Security Income payments, and more.

Payments this 2023

Will there be payments this 2023? (Photo: NBC)

Will A Payment Hit To Your Bank Today?

Millions of Americans are about to receive additional payments this new year. But, they are not yet able to receive their payments this day, January 2, 2023, because of the holiday, according to the U.S. Postal Service. This is to give their employees more time to spend with their families.

The normal operation of the USPS will resume tomorrow, January 3, 2023. There are several states affected by the holiday today. These states are supposed to send payments to their residents like the Middle Class Tax Refund in California which ranges from $200 to $1,050, according to a report published in The U.S. Sun.

Some States Could Release Payments Anytime

  • Eligible residents in Virginia are about to receive up to $500.
  • Qualified residents in Illinois are about to get $ 700 Tax Rebates which started rolling out last September.
  • Millions of residents in Massachusetts could get a rebate from $2.9 billion.

When Your Payment Will Arrive?

Your payment and cash will arrive depending on the payment method you selected on your tax return. The direct payments will arrive depending on your bank accounts while paper checks could arrive in three weeks. Some states also have tools to track the payment.