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Will Florida Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use?

The usage of medical marijuana for “qualified” people is reportedly going to be legal as of 2022. However, as per “News4Jax,” it remains illegal to sell, grow, and consume marijuana for recreational use in the state of Florida. Many people on both sides of the issue have been discussing if marijuana should be made legal in Florida.

This is the time to “give back an option that has been lost to us for over a century,” according to the Tampa Bay Times, as the right of the people to have their own will and voice and to choose their actions and decisions has always been one of our country’s highest ideals. According to the most recent polling data, which showed that 70% of Floridians support legalizing marijuana, there is a considerable level of support among Floridians, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

Compared to other drugs used in Florida, marijuana consumption is one of the least damaging consequences for users. Weed has a lot of advantageous impacts that advance society. It is a drug that is typically used to produce and experience a “high.” Euphoria, relaxation or reduced anxiety, increased human senses, laughter, and chattiness are just a few of the impacts of cannabis, according to HealthyPlace.

One of the most popular illegal substances in Florida is marijuana, which is nevertheless consumed with the possibility of facing criminal charges if found in possession of it. Florida should legalize its use to reduce crime rather than allow this illegal activity to develop and continue with many people avoiding detection. Adults 21 and older would be permitted to buy and carry one pound of marijuana for personal use if Florida legalized the drug.


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