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Why Trump followers are hesitant to demonstrate as he asked for

In response to President Trump’s suspected approaching criminal prosecution, protests have been scheduled, and cops in important cities are planning for trouble. But some of his strongest loyal fans are saying that you should stay at home.

When looking into pro-Trump online spaces, the contrast becomes clear. Rumors are circulating on well-known social media platforms, messaging services, and Trump’s Truth Social.

There is an intense discussion regarding double agents and “false flags”—attacks intended to blame the violence on the opposition.

A lot of the former president’s loyal fans think that federal agents or left-wing “Antifa” – anti-fascist activists hoping to discredit Mr. Trump was responsible for the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, rather than Trump supporters and extreme right organizations like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

They highlight the existence of private FBI sources among the audience that day, which was made known in court records.

But that’s far different from claiming that there was a plan to encourage violence by the federal government. Although there is no proof of that and a massive amount of evidence that over a thousand persons detained in connection with the Capitol incident were Trump fans, extreme news websites have been overflowing with wild theories and speculations about “deep state” plans.

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