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Why People Never Observe Baby Pigeons- Was a Mystery; Now Solved

It won’t take long if you take a walk along any downtown street before you see several pigeons. The common rock pigeon (Columba livia), sometimes known as the rock dove, is a problem whether you choose to feed it or not. They must be mating and giving birth to new generations, but where are all the babies? Why don’t you frequently see young pigeons?

Are Pigeons Lifetime Partners?

Pigeons are typically monogamous and prefer to spend as much time as they can with only one mate. The other will ultimately choose a new mate, but sometimes not right away if one of the mated couples passes away. A male pigeon selects a nest location when he is prepared to mate.

He then makes an effort to attract an interested female by walking around, chirping, and puffing himself up. Although in mild places they may postpone nesting during the colder months, pigeons may and do mate at any time of the year.

In What Locations Do Pigeons Make Their Nests?

Since rock pigeons have been kept for such a long time—up to 10,000 years—we are unsure of their exact initial range. They can now be found throughout the world, mainly in urban areas and other places with a high human population.

Since pigeons prefer to nest in caves and on cliffs, it turns out that cities are filled with locations that match their natural nesting grounds. Pigeon nests can be found almost anywhere, even within empty buildings, on window ledges of high buildings, etc.

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