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White Farmers Accused Government with Allegations of “Reverse Racism”- Today, Black Farmers Fear Being Left Behind Once Again

“Black farmers and the U.S. Agricultural Department have a troubled past. According to NPR, the government has confirmed that Black farmers were denied access to money that had assisted the success of their white colleagues.

In return, lawmakers were able to pass roughly “$5 billion towards debt relief and cancellation for minority farmers” through the American Rescue Plan. After learning that their debt might be canceled as part of a congressional “attempt to help USDA make it up for a legacy of discrimination” in 2021, Black farmers across the nation celebrated.

However, that happiness would undoubtedly be disappearing, and as the saying goes, it seems that Black farmers had only made one step forward before taking 2 steps back. The previous year, Wisconsin federal Judge William Griesbach approved a temporary detaining order that successfully stopped President Biden’s loan forgiveness program “after 12 white farmers decided to sue to declare it discriminated against them.”

Several supporters worry that resources and funding won’t reach everyone who qualified for the initial program’s advantages and give Black farmers their share.

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