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When Should You Receive Your Social Security Disability Insurance Check for April?

Are you anticipating the arrival of your Social Security Disability Insurance benefit check? It’s headed your way. The 2nd round of April payments was sent to beneficiaries on Wednesday. The Social Security Administration issues payments in rounds during the month.

Your birth year and the year you initially began collecting SSDI benefits impact how quickly you receive your payments. Whether a person has been receiving SSDI checks for a long time, SSDI payouts generally follow the same pattern as Social Security payouts.

The payout is expected to arrive on the 3rd of each month if you have received SSDI during 1997 or before.

Yet, there are several exceptions. You will receive your payment on the following business day if the 3rd day of a month comes on a weekend or holiday. For instance, recipients get their payouts on Friday, June 2, 2023, because June 3 is a Saturday.

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