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What’s up with Amazon Prime the affair season 3?

The affair season 3

The affair gained popularity due to its unique plot. A married man meets a married woman, and they begin their relationship behind the back of their spouses. This story is similar to the popular movie ‘in the mood for love’ starring Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung. The plot twist is that ‘the affair’ involves a murder case. The series began its journey in 2014 when Noah was on holiday with his family, where he met Alison, who also happens to be married. They fall in love with each other and later get married and have a child. It sounds like a complete love story until the audience realizes that this relationship is very shallow and not worth the sacrifice both the characters made by leaving their family. 

Amazon Prime The Affair season 3 Trailer:

The affair season 3 trailer

The trailer begins with the eviction scene of Noah and Helen taking Noah’s side in an argument with her daughter. Helen strongly believes Noah is innocent even though she knows the truth, while Noah’s daughter thinks he is a murderer and the only person who cannot see it is her mother. Alison comes back from Montauk and wishes to reconnect with her daughter. Cole is still on Alison’s side while refusing to give Alison’s daughter back to her. The trailer hints at Noah and Alison’s relationship taking a toll, and Noah wants to go to Montauk with Alison to be with her. Cole has married and moved on with his life, and Alison finds it hard to accept.

Amazon Prime the affair season 3 plot:

The affair season 3 plot

In the first season, the married man, Noah, meets the married woman, Alison. The affair begins behind their spouses’ backs. Scotty gets Noah’s daughter pregnant. In season 2, we see Noah and Alison together with their baby when suddenly the police arrive and arrest Noah for Scotty’s murder. Alison promises to get Noah out of it and asks if he trusts her, to which Noah doesn’t respond. Season 3 is the messiest of all. While Alison is busy caring for her daughter, Noah’s former wife helps him escape prison. Helen, Noah’s former wife, asks by the end of the murder case about her and Noah’s relationship, to which Noah responds with indifference. The plot only gets messier as Alison is back in Cole’s life, who has already moved on in his life.

Amazon Prime The Affair season 3 cast:

The affair season 3 cast

One of the show’s main characters is Noah Solloway, played by Dominic West, known for his work in popular shows like Les Miserables, Colette, and the Wire. Alison Lockhart is played by Ruth Wilson, who has previously starred in movies like True Things, The Lone Ranger, Dark River, and Oslo. Helen Solloway is the wife of Noah, played by Maura Tierney, who has worked in Liar Liar, News Radio, and American Rust. Alison’s husband is Cole Lockhart, enacted by Joshua Jackson, a Canadian-American actor who has worked in Dr.Death, The mighty ducks, and Fringe. 

Amazon Prime The Affair season 3 episodes:

The affair season 3 episodes

Season 3 of the Affair has a total of 10 episodes. The series begins with a gap of three years. Noah is a professor; he is still struggling to come to terms with the past. Alison is back from Montauk after six months, and she attempts to reconnect with her daughter while Cole is against it. He thinks Alison cannot just come and go from her daughter’s life, while Alison explains she needs to talk to her daughter and give her explanations for all her past actions. After the death of Alison’s first child, Gabriel, Alison couldn’t cope with her role of being a mother. The series does show another explicit spark between Noah and Alison as they meet for unusual reasons.

 The Affair season 3 where to watch:

The affair season 3 where to watch

The show is available on multiple platforms like Amazon Prime and, unfortunately, not on Netflix. Various other online streaming platforms like Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ exist. The show is exclusively released on the SHOWTIME ANYTIME app. Vudu, google play, Microsoft, iTunes, Fandango NOW, play station video are other lesser-known platforms that have the show airing.