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What is Marginal Tax Rate? Biden Eyes Taxing Rich

marginal tax rate plan
This is a photo representation showing a calculation for tax which include income tax and other taxation. President Biden wants to tax the rich under the marginal tax rate plan. (Photo by stevepb via Pixabay/Wikimedia Commons)

President Joe Biden’s $6.8 trillion budget plan asks for approximately $5 trillion in tax hikes on the rich and big businesses under the marginal tax rate to reduce the federal deficit and support Medicare expenses.

As the federal government confronts reaching its debt ceiling by July and running the possibility of defaulting on its bills if legislators can’t agree, Reuters said the unveiling of the 2024 fiscal plan marks the beginning of rigorous budget discussions between members of Congress. For the present debt limit to be raised, House Republicans want a decrease in government expenditure of at least $3 trillion. 

marginal tax rate

This is a representation photo showing the MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout holding a protest against Governor Tim Pawlenty’s legacy of cuts at the state capitol building in St. Paul, Minnesota. President Joe Biden wants to tax the rich under the marginal tax rate plan. (Photo by Fibonacci Blue via Wikimedia Commons)

Marginal Tax Rate: Biden Wants to Tax Rich Americans

Biden reiterated his support for a minimum tax on the richest Americans under the marginal tax rate at the State of the Union speech in February 2023.

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young said per CNBC that the proposal would guarantee that no billionaire would pay a lower tax rate than a teacher or fireman and would impose a 25% minimum tax on Anyone with wealth above $100 million. 

According to Biden’s 2023 federal budget proposal, families with the same amount of wealth would be subject to a 20% tax on their “total income,” including both normal income and so-called unrealized gains. 

In October 2021, Senate Democrats advocated for a tax of a similar kind to help finance their plan for domestic expenditure. Those strategies, nevertheless, haven’t found widespread acceptance within the Democratic Party. 

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Comparing Tax Rates

The New York Post claims that Biden “conveniently” omitted to note that Reagan cooperated with a House of Representatives that was controlled by Democrats when he was in office. 

Moreover, comparing the marginal tax cuts of Reagan and Biden is not quite like comparing apples and oranges. 

Reagan did the opposite while Biden wants to almost treble the capital gains tax, which is the tax you pay on assets held for more than a year. The capital gains tax did, however, go back to the amount Reagan had reduced it to in his second year in office. 

Additionally, according to historical statistics from The Tax Foundation, Biden is hiking the highest marginal tax rate under his new ideas unveiled this week whereas Regan lowered it to the lowest level since 1925. 

According to a fact sheet issued by the White House recently, companies “got a significant tax benefit” under previous President Donald Trump. 

The corporation tax rate decreased from 35% to 21% as a result of Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

The White House’s fact sheet concludes that in order to “ensure major firms pay their fair part,” additional plans that encourage job growth and investment in the United States would “complement” Biden’s proposed rise in corporate marginal tax rate.

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