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West Virginia Returns More than $1.1 Million, Residents Encourage To Claim Funds

Unclaimed funds
West Virginia Treasurer's Office returned unclaimed funds. (Photo: MINT)

The West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office reported that they returned more than $1.1 million worth of funds in October.

Unclaimed funds

West Virginia Treasurer’s Office returned unclaimed funds. (Photo: MINT)

West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office Returned Funds

In this time of higher inflation rate, people need a source of extra money to meet their daily needs. The West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office returned a fund worth more than $1.1 million to people, businesses, and organizations in October.

State Treasurer Riley Moore said, “We have been continuing our tireless efforts to raise awareness of this program and reconnect people with their lost money – and these continued strong returns show those efforts are working”.

He also added “In September, when we launched the West Virginia Cash Now program, we had our highest amount of returns ever, and this month we’ve kept that momentum going. With inflation still running high and Christmas right around the corner, people need every dollar they can get these days. That’s why we encourage everyone to visit our website,, to search to see if we’re holding any unclaimed funds in their name.”

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Residents are Encouraged To Claim Funds

According to Treasurer Moore, his office has unclaimed property listings totaling more than $300 million for people, companies, and other entities. He urged everyone or the residents in the state to claim their funds or to see and check if they can claim funds through its website.

In recent months, the office of Treasurer Moore has returned unclaimed monies was record-breaking. The state’s highest monthly total ever was $5.3 million in returns for September, which were bolstered by the launch of the Cash Now program.

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