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Wellington Paranormal: Another Comedy Series you need to watch

Wellington paranormal

Originated in the land of KIwis, Wellington paranormal is a comedy horror series which mocks the dimensions of horror. Jemaine Clement and Paul Yates created the television series Wellington Paranormal. The first episode of the Wellington Paranormal aired on 11 July 2018 on TVNZ 2. The official broadcaster of the television series is TVNZ 2 in New Zealand. But, in the United States of America, the channel CW is the official host for the television series Wellington Paranormal. There are four seasons of the comedy horror television series Wellington Paranormal which has been directed by Jemaine Clement, Jackie Van Beek, and Tim Van Dammen. There are twenty-five episodes, and one can easily binge-watch the series on weekends.

What is the cast of Wellington Paranormal?

Wellington paranormal Cast

The main cast of the television series is Mike Minogue, who plays the character of Officer Kyle Minogue. Then there is Karen O’Leary, who plays the character of Officer O’Leary. Maaka Pohatu portrays the character of Sergeant Ruawai Maaka, and Thomas Sainsbury shows the character of Constable Parker. Another recurring cast member is Lynda Topp playing the character of Mrs O’Leary. Some of the guest appearances that have occurred on the series are Corie Gonzalez, Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby. 

What are the IMDB Ratings for Wellington Paranormal?

Wellington paranormal IMDB Ratings

The IMDB Ratings for Wellington Paranormal’s comedy horror series is 7.6 out of 10. The series’ popularity has deteriorated, but it still ranks 1,079 on the IMDB Popularity list. The series has been concluded, and there will be no season five for the Wellington Paranormal as the fourth season was the conclusive season for the series. There are 25 episodes for the series; no further addition would be made to this. The production company for the television series Wellington Paranormal is New Zealand Documentary Board. The genre for Wellington Paranormal is a mockumentary where every character makes fun of the other, resulting in comedy. The word paranormal in the title of the series adds the horror part to the series and makes it an overall exciting watch.

Where can you watch Wellington Paranormal?

Wellington paranormal Watch

The official broadcaster of the series is the cable television network in New Zealand. The audience of the United States of America can access the Television Series Wellington paranormal on the broadcasting channel CW. Besides television, the Wellington Paranormal series can also be accessed on the Online Streaming Platform HBO Max. Wellington Paranormal’s television series is not accessible on any other Online Streaming platform. Although, there may be chances that the television series will be available on the Online Streaming Platform Netflix in the coming time. One of the reasons is that the series has now become extremely popular, and over ninety per cent of google users have liked the performances in the television series.