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Well, it’s almost time to change your clocks in California. This is when and why

Due to daylight saving time, the beginning of spring brings longer sunny days.

The yearly time change, also referred to as “spring forward,” involves moving the clock forward with by one hour. You’ll ultimately miss an hour of sleep on a March night.

The fullest day of the year in California often referred to as the summer solstice, is Wednesday, June 21.

Timeanddate reports that compared to the December solstice, this day has 4 hours, and 32 minutes more daylight. Around this time, the most whole day of the year occurs in most regions north of the equator.

The latest sunset occurs on Thursday, June 29.

To enhance the Northern Hemisphere’s access to more sunlight.

According to popular belief, the objective of daylight-saving time wasn’t to provide farmers additional time in the field. As per WebExhibits, a digital museum run by the non-profit education Idea, Germany and Austria were the first nations to adopt the technique in 1916 to preserve fuel for electricity. From April 30, 1916, through October, the clock should advance by one hour.

The plan to extend daylight savings time and institute standard time was accepted by the United States in 1918, however, after World War I, the law was canceled the next year. For state and municipal governments, the practice was made optional.

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