Explore it for free: World’s most detailed map of the Moon EVER released - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

THE Moon has been revealed in incredible detail unlike anything we've seen before

Experts in China have painstakingly created a huge map of Earth's closest neighbour

It took hundreds of scientists ten years for them to complete. They've included more than 12,000 impact craters and 81 impact basins

The resolution is much greater than the previous map, coming in at a scale of 1:2,500,000

Anyone can download the huge file online, which is almost 200MB large. You can zoom in anywhere at unbelievable detail

17 different rock types have also been factored in, as well as 14 types of structures

The claim is that it is the ‘most detailed’ one yet. The research and the map were published in the May 30 issue of the Science Bulletin journal

To carry out this endeavour, the research unit divided the global moon into 30 quadrangles, which were mapped individually

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