Memes about women living longer than men have existed on the internet

It's not only a saying that women live longer lives, it is also found to be true according to various surveys around the world

Men tend to indulge more in unhealthy practices around the world. Some of these unhealthy habits include smoking, drinking, and usage of drugs

Since men indulge in unhealthy lifestyles more than women, they are more likely to meet the fate of their unhealthy habits

A woman's body produces the estrogen hormone in a higher quantity, while a man's body produces the testosterone hormone in higher quantities

Whenever men gain weight, they store fat around their organs, and whenever women gain weight, they store fat around their skin

When fats get stored under the skin it is called subcutaneous fat and when fats get stored around the organs, it is called visceral fat

Scientists have found that storing fats around the organs is more unhealthy than storing fats under the skin