We're not in the same place that we were five years ago or even five months ago

Not that long ago, we were painting our fingertips with maximalist designs, combining multiple nail-art trends into one manicure

We were taking an extra 10 minutes every day to blend together the perfect smoky eye, contour our cheekbones, and bake our makeup

"The pandemic had a major impact on our beauty routines," Megan Lavallie, makeup artist and beauty content creator, tells POPSUGAR

During the height of the pandemic, we had the highest searches ever for wellness, including topics like skin care and natural beauty

Even the world of plastic surgery, which arguably is and should be at least a little less trend focused, has been influenced by this shift back to more natural results

"Pinners want to embrace their natural beauty and stick to quick and time-saving beauty routines," Sarna says. Lavallie adds

We've also just gotten more used to seeing ourselves sans makeup and learned to embrace that