There's probably a lot you don't know about the popular coffee chain

Baristas are the ones who put all of the hard work in to make your favorite drink, so it's no surprise that they have all of the insider knowledge.

Swazey on TikTok revealed the "things you might not have known about Starbucks," and some of the coffee chain facts may surprise you

First, she revealed that macchiato means the espresso shot gets poured on top.

"Blonde roast is lightly roasted so it will contain more caffeine than a dark roast, which is roasted for longer."

This also checks out on the Starbucks menu, where you can see an Iced Caffè Americano has 225 mg of caffeine

Another surprising Starbucks fact is that caramel macchiatos are actually made with vanilla, not caramel as the name suggests

A person commented: "Starbucks ruined what a macchiato is!!! It’s not real!! It’s literally just a latte!!!"