Need something new to watch? The Best TV Shows of 2022 - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

The year is halfway over, and already we're drowning in fantastic television

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds-It is a character-driven series where each episode pairs a top notch sociocultural story with some good, clean, spacefaring fun

Bridgerton: The series  found new emotional depths in its romantic leads, who are drawn together as much by attraction as by shared burdens of grief

Under the Banner of Heaven: The show initially uncovers turns out to be an onion of a mystery, with more and more unnerving details 

Barry: Barry's third season turns things up a notch. Following Gene's revelation that Barry is responsible for the death of Detective Janice Moss

Heartstopper: Netflix's new coming of age story skips the snobbiness of prestige TV and instead opts for something that seems to be en vogue

We Own This City: The good part is we're left with a powerhouse of a limited series, chronicling the disastrous Baltimore

Minx: Does Minx sometimes lean into cliche? Sure. But there's still something intoxicating about HBO Max's Porn Valley-set feature starring Jake Johnson

Upload: The time between Upload's first and second season was grotesquely long. (So goes the world of pandemic premieres.)

Pachinko: Apple TV+ knows a good thing when they see it, so they've taken the novel of the same name, placed Academy Award winner

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