The strength of your character may have roots in your beliefs about the world

The most abstract or general primal is the belief in a good (vs. bad) world. Secondary primals that feed into the primary category

There are also more than 20 tertiary primals, such as believing in a world that is regenerative (vs. degenerative), stable (vs. fragile), just (vs. unjust), and so on

Stahlmann’s study examined the co-occurrence of primary, secondary, and tertiary primals with various character strengths in a sample of 1,100 German-speaking adults

Everybody can see some degree of beauty in the world, but some may believe that this beauty is confined to treasured places or memories

This development may be achieved through anything that helps people realize that beauty is all around them and always has been there

Stahlmann recommends reading travel blogs, learning from people in other cultures, and studying historical accounts

Primals research is just starting to gain momentum, but it bears the potential to help us better understand, and maybe steer, personality development