If you wash your jeans regularly, you are wasting 19 gallons of water

"By 2030, an estimated 45 cities worldwide will be categorized as high-stress, which means the demand for water is higher than what’s available."

Water consumption should be at the heart of every discussion we're having because water is a limited resource

Fortunately, Ajami says, today's new washing machines are designed specifically to be high-efficient because they don't use as much water

Consider buying second-hand jeans instead of new ones, which will help you not support the water-wasting

Especially when they start to stink — although a classic study found the bacteria level remained the same for 15 months

“And, when my jeans really need a wash, I do it the old fashioned way: I hand-wash them and hang-dry them,” he noted on the Levi's website

They are particularly suited to hold a bit of grime, so letting them go for a while is an easy way to cut back on water usage