Upcoming Battle Force boxes for Star Wars: Legion Battle Force Rules Revealed - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

Legion provides players with a cost-efficient starting point to start a brand new army

First announced last month, Atomic Mass Games plans to release four Battle Force boxes, each of which provide players with a starting point for one of the game's four core armies

Fielding a Battle Force during Star Wars: Legion also comes with specific rules and perks. Each Battle Force represents a specific group from Star Wars history

Each Battle Force comes with a rule sheet that explains what units can be used in both Skirmish and Standard play

Player will gain access to a handful of Field Command cards specific to that Battle Force that provides some additional options for battle

Atomic Mass Games also provide a Battle Force army list for the Shadow Collective, a new faction introduced earlier this year that consists of mercenaries

You can check out the army build rules requirements and special command cards on Atomic Mass Games' website

However, it appears that the Shadow Collective Battle Force won't initially have any special Command cards

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