Simple ways to remove wrinkles from your clothes without ironing - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

IRONING is one of the most tedious and time-consuming household chores

Back in the 60s, women would use an actual iron to straighten their hair so it makes sense that the inverse would work on clothes

Obviously, this hack is only ideal for small sections of clothes such as a shirt collar but it still works a treat

DRYER This one might seem obvious given clothes come out of the machine relatively smooth compared to how they entered

DRYER SHEETS Similarly, Style Caster says you can take the wrinkles out of your clothes using dryer sheets

COOKING POT This trick involves making your own DIY iron. Boil some water in your metal pot as though you are going to make some pasta

Pour the water out and you have your very own temporary iron. Move the pot over your wrinkled clothing to remove creases

SHOWER Simply hang your wrinkled clothing in the bathroom as you shower and let the steam do all the work

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