Leave these critters outside: Secret of Getting rid of Ants - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

As far as forces of nature go, ants rank amongst the highest

Even our language around the little buggers makes them sound relentless: They march one by one to form a colony

Nutrients, moisture, and a better climate are all invitations to the ant. Concentrations of protein attract ants, which basically means all food

While ants get most of their water from the food they eat, they will seek water if they live in a dry climate

Finally, since ants are cold-blooded, they will seek warmth in the winter. Ants may enter a home that doesn’t have a single crumb on the floor

If you want to get rid of ants, knowing yourself and your home are key. You should sweep up any area where you consume food regularly

Aside from the food you consume, you should keep an eye on other sources of nutrients. Pet bowls should be kept devoid of food

Ants use chemosensing, a highly advanced sense of smell, to find food. In fact, ants are slaves to smell

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