Consuming mangoes regularly may help to improve diets and chronic disease risk

The result of one of these studies suggests that consuming mangoes is linked to better overall quality of diet

The study made use of NHANES 2001-2018 data for comparing the diets and nutrient intakes of individuals consuming mangoes to those who didn’t eat mangoes

Eating mangoes had higher intakes of vitamins that help boost immunity such as A, C, and B6, and also potassium and fiber

Mango consumption was linked to reduced sugar and sodium intake for adults and children alike and was linked to a reduced cholesterol intake for adults

Eating whole mangos as a snack in comparison to a control snack yielded better health benefits in adults who were obese or overweight

There was however a statistically significant reduction in blood glucose levels when snacking on mangoes at 4 weeks

Significant improvements to C-reactive protein, total anti-oxidant capacity, and inflammation markers were also observed when snacking on mangoes