Players will Join Law Enforcement After GTA's Online Update - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

Rockstar Games has begun teasing its next GTA Online update

GTA Online is an absolute juggernaut of a game and has managed to last three console generations and sustain itself as one of the most popular online games

Not only do people get to live out their criminal fantasies within Rockstar's virtual world, but they also get to just have unregulated fun

There are so many activities to partake in within the game and it keeps getting bigger every year with nightclubs, islands, celebrities, and much more As of right now

As part of an update regarding the status and future of its titles, Rockstar Games has teased the next GTA Online update

Rockstar stated that the new update is coming to all platforms in just a "few short weeks" and will add new Contract Missions as well as allow players to join the IAA

It's not an absolute certainty as Michael had many run-ins with the IAA, so they could be investigating him once more in the update

Rockstar Games also stated that it will be scaling back on Red Dead Online so it can focus on the new Grand Theft Auto game

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