Your basic home will be elevated into a lovely home with pastel home décor

If you are looking for some inventive ideas to choose the correct pastel tone for your room, here are some tips by interior experts

Whether it is art, fashion or decor, some colours compel you to work hard while others give a sense of relaxation

Since different directions are assigned different colours, it is important to understand their significance

They are basically a dummy-proof styling idea that is here to stay to make us feel better about our lives with their dreamy and comfy look

Pastel colours are known for their soothing aura and provide a fresh touch to the overall theme of the house

Pastel colours can be very effective if used in the right combinations. Also, a pastel setting fits well with white and dark furniture for added contrast

The milder pastel tones are calming and comforting to the eyes. They give a different kind of appeal to spaces