Mike Colter Says He ‘Doesn’t Know’ If He’ll Return To Marvel After Photo With Krysten Ritter

The 'Evil' star admitted that he's unsure if there are any plans for him to reprise his role as Luke Cage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The 45-year-old actor dodged a question from host Sara Haines, about a photo that his co-star Krysten Ritter, 40

Fans think this means you may be back for another season, but supposedly, you’re acting a little cagey

After Sara’s questioning, Mike gave a long story about how the pair had a chance encounter while having days with their own kids

We live in a neighborhood really close to each other, and it’s funny we bumped into each other at a strawberry patch, which is like an hour away

As Mike told his story, Sara cut him off and accused him of fibbing! “You know what they say about liars? They put too many details!”

The Evil star laughed, but he swore that he wasn’t sure about his future in the MCU