Major Credit Card Mistakes: It could cost you $100s this year - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

CREDIT cards have become nearly as universal as cash

More than 70 percent of Americans own a credit card, while a third of people have three or more card

While credit cards are convenient, they also make it much easier for consumers to build up debt

1. Missing payments Failing to make a credit card payment will typically hurt you

2. Only paying your monthly minimum While paying the monthly minimum is better than missing a payment altogether, it's still not ideal

3. Maxing out your card Like how credit card companies typically set very low monthly minimum payments, they often offer high credit maximums

4. Ignoring your statement If you use a mobile banking app or otherwise have easy access to keeping tabs on your account

In addition, periodically checking your statement is the best way to spot errors or fraudulent charges

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