"The Kardashians" this season that emphasize the family's unrelatability

But the season's final episode showed us in part why the Kardashians' appeal endures, documenting the fallout 

Khloé spoke about trauma, saying she felt publicly and privately humiliated by Thompson's chronic deceptions, but also numb and desensitized

Khloé and Kim connected on motherhood, expressing the lengths each went to preserve their relationship for their children

They are operating in a completely different economic sphere, a celebrity sphere, all these kinds of things that are far separated from regular people

However, I don't think that by any means makes it either unrelatable, irrelevant, potentially uninteresting or not instructive

I don't think we'd have kept watching this whole time if everything they did was completely separate from our experience

Particularly given that the world at large often feels unsafe and unsettling, it is especially important that we feel safe