Kids getting addicted to online games? It is a Positive effects on youngsters' mental health - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

 Playing games is considered as an open call to Mental Health Disorder, but it might be totally reverse

Earlier, learning and games were on a parallel track but today, game-based learning paints an entirely different scene altogether

Online educational gaming platform now is an effective way of learning because of their GBL Technique

Game-based learning has become a method of teaching where they are used to establish and achieve learning targets

It includes engaging youngsters in a fun learning environment through instructive games as well as offering instant rewards

It can also help children improve their creativity and multi-tasking skills as well as enhance strategic thinking

If proper direction and guidance are received from parents and teachers, also It helps learning facts, general knowledge, and to solve puzzles at a fast pace

Online games are not only effective in learning but are helpful for our mental health as well

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