Invention for Drinkers: Hangover pill is invented to beat after-drink blues - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

A hangover is something completely opposite to the merriment experienced

A 'hangover pill' has been intriduced by a Swedish brand Myrkl. The pill has gone on sale in the UK

The company says that the pill fights onset of handover by activating bacteris in the gut which break down alcohol to carbon dioxide and water

For example, if a person drank 20 ml of pure alcohol, only 6 ml will enter the blood stream

This pill may seem to be a boon to many but experts have been quoted as saying that people may abuse these pill

The pill is an anti-hangover supplement said to be “the pre-drinking pill that works.” It can break down 70 per cent of the alcohol after one hour

They have drawn attention to the possibility that someone who wants to drive after drinking may try to take this pill and it may not always be safe

It has also been pointed out that the pill may give people an excuse to drink way more than their bodies can bear

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