How to be there for your people when you’re emotionally out of gas

A few friends came down with Covid-19, another went through a terrible breakup, and they all needed a sympathetic ear

Life’s demands — long shifts at work, an ongoing pandemic, compounding tragedies, rampant inflation — have put people through the wringer

Being a good friend on top of everything else can seem like an uphill battle when you’re running on empty

Rather than ignore the irritability, tiredness, and resentment that comes when we’re emotionally sapped, be open with your community about how you’re feeling

This can be as simple as telling your friends, “I love our friendship, but I haven’t been myself lately and I need to take some time away from others.”

Give yourself rest, embrace doing less or saying no as a part of your normal way of being

That way, you’re deciding when to break from work or when you step back from friendships versus going and going and going and your body’s forcing you