Publisher, writer, and mom of two, Elisa Parhad, shares how she built a happy, balanced life

Elisa Parhad, an author and mom of two, remembers her parents being very frugal while she was growing up

Her husband, who works in the film business, had to be in Hollywood, so the family moved from the Pacific Northwest to Los Angeles

She freelanced for a bit but also felt drawn to the idea of starting a business she'd be completely in charge of

I was a photographer. I was a designer. I was a writer. I was a marketer. I was a publisher. But the writing kind of morphed into something else that I could monetize

She decided to start a publishing company called EyeMuse Books and wrote Southern California: A Guide for the Eyes

Parhad went on to publish and sell more books, and while they don't make up a huge amount of her revenue

Parhad is drawn to self-publishing "evergreen" books, in which the info doesn't ever go out of date and can be appreciated for years to come