"Hothead": Your brain is 'hotter' than previously thought, a study reveals - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

We all know a 'hothead', a person who is in angry mood a tad bit more than everyone else

The average temperature of a healthy human body is around 37 degrees Celsius. It was  assumed that temperature of the brain would be similar

Scientists from Cambridge University have found that average temperature of a healthy human brain is 38.5 degrees Celsius

Some of the inner regions of the brain were even measured to be at 40 degrees Celsius

Their brain temperatures were acquired by scanning of volunteers taken in morning, afternoon and late evening

Things such as lifestyle, genetic differences were factored in. The volunteers were also given activity trackers to be worn on their wrists

It was also found that brains of female participants were 0.4 degrees Celcius hotter than male volunteers

The study also found that the brain temperature varied through the day depending on region, time, age and sex

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