Going Vegan or Vegetarian? What you need to know about Plant-Based Diets - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

We breakdown the pros and cons of a plant-based lifestyle

The term "plant-based" has been thrown around in the wellness world for some time now, and there are different interpretations

Going plant-based usually includes adding more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into your diet which can help decrease the risk of heart disease

I was a vegetarian for many years, and I made sure my diet consisted of fruits, vegetables, beans, dairy-free milks and whole grains

"These diets are either void of or significantly limited on the amount of animal products consumed"

So while you may reduce your consumption of meat, seafood, eggs and dairy products, you don't necessarily need to cut them out

"Meat and animal product alternatives like cashew cheese and Beyond Meat are technically a part of the plant-based umbrella," explains Best

Plant-based diets are linked to a decreased risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and reduced blood pressure

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