Foods to avoid if you're plagued by Hay Fever, including two you WON’T want to ditch - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

HAY fever season is well upon us, with millions in search of ways to cope with the symptoms.

Though remedies such as antihistamines and nasal sprays work wonders, they may not be enough for those plagued by hay fever.

Histamines are found in a number of foods. Consuming them could therefore make hay fever symptoms worse.

Alcohol: The sulphites that are found in many types of alcohol are also bad news, as they can worsen symptoms too

Coffee: Swap your morning coffee for a cup of chamomile tea, as this clears the excess mucus that hay fever triggers

Aged cheese: Sorry to any cheese lovers, but aged cheese is actually one of the worst foods you can have for your allergies

Dairy: “Unfortunately, aged cheese isn’t the only dairy food that hay fever sufferers need to avoid,” Margo warned.

Melon: The proteins in foods, particularly fresh fruit, resemble pollen, and so the body reacts accordingly.

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