Beat Hay Fever: Exact time you should take antihistamines - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

If you’ve not managed to find a remedy for your allergy yet, perhaps you’re using it wrong

Antihistamines are used by the large majority of the 10 million people with hay fever in England.

The tiny pills - of which one can be taken per day - relieve everything from a blocked nose to itchy eyes.

Duncan Reid, Pharmacist at Pharmacy2U, said there is a particular time of day that is most effective for taking a tablet.

He said: “For most people hay fever symptoms are worse in the morning as this is when the pollen count tends to be higher.

Many people therefore find it best to take their once-daily antihistamines in the evening which will allow it to be circulating in your bloodstream

They can work as a preventative, rather than a treatment for when you get bogged down with hay fever symptoms.

It comes after a pharmacist cleared up whether you can take more than one antihistamine per day.

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