Pay rise within Weeks: Exact date thousands of workers will get benefit - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

HUNDREDS of thousands of workers are set for a pay rise within WEEKS

That's an increase from £9,500 and applies from July 6. You should see the change in your first pay check after this date

For example someone on a salary of £20,000 will pay around £291 less a year in NICs

Overall both changes mean that anyone earning around £35,000 or under each year will pay less National Insurance than last year

More cash is on its way to help hard-up households, including a payment of up to £650 from July for anyone claiming Universal Credit

All UK nationals receive an NI number (and NI card) automatically before they turn 16

Workers currently pay 13.25% on earnings between £9,564 and £50,268 and a further 3.25% is paid on wages over that

The tax is deducted from your wages each month and you can see how much you pay on your payslip

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