Significant Health Issues: English bulldogs 'suffering', twice at risk of health - The Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer

English bulldogs are twice as likely to develop health complications in a single year 

The hugely popular dogs are 38 times more likely to develop skin fold infections, 27 times at greater risk of a disorder called "cherry eye"

Dan O'Neill of Britain's Royal Veterinary College, one of the authors of the study, emphasised that it is not the dogs' fault, saying they "often are truly lovely"

English bulldogs have double the odds of having at least one common health disorder per year than other dogs

There have also been recent studies using VetCompass data showing the health problems suffered by fellow flat-faced pugs and French bulldogs

English bulldogs were less likely to get some illnesses, such as dental disease, heart murmur and flea infestation

Sonia Saxon of the UK's Bulldog Breed Council said a big problem was that many dogs were not being bred to the country's breed standard

Conformation is how dogs are bred to conform with the expected standards of their breed

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