Travel is mainly done because of work and leisure, and some people do it a lot

To help make the experience much better, we have compiled a few hacks that will help to compliment your stay at your chosen hotel

Toiletries leak in the bags and messing everything up. To reduce this, take a piece of plastic and screw it under the cork or cap

This hack will stop liquids from bursting onto your clothes and other delicate possessions, saving your from an expensive emergency laundry

Having to put your keycard in the slot every time you want to access the electricity? Well, all that has been solved with the use of an old metro card or any other card of similar size

The next time you book in, get a plastic bag for the remote, at least all the hands that have touched before will be barred from yours

A lot of the hotel doors are sometimes close to the closet, so you have the advantage of holding the door open until you finish packing in

Even if you are in a five-star hotel, you will want to do some investigation like checking the sheets, chairs, and tables, so leave your bags in the bathroom while you make the checks