9 different types of water vary in purity, cost and healthiness as well as purpose and origin

Distilled water is water that has been boiled into steam and then, through cooling, reverted back into a liquid state and collected

If you treat yourself to a well-balanced diet, then missing out on these minerals won’t harm you, but it won’t necessarily help you either

Distilled water differs from boiled, filtered and purified water because it is the only type that is turned into steam

Purified water, which is a type of distilled water, has impurities removed via a water processing plant, according to healthline.com

While you can make and store distilled water at home, it is available for purchase from stores such as Raley's or Walmart

Mineral water is obtained from a mineral spring and has health benefits, but it can be costly and is often unnecessary when paired with a healthy diet

Men need 13 cups of water daily while women need a total of 9 cups. This total can increase, depending on how hot the day is