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A person with kidney disease and diabetes should aim to eat foods that help regulate their blood sugar levels

The role of the kidneys is to remove excess water and waste from the body by turning it into urine

Through dietary changes, a person can limitTrusted Source the amount of minerals, salts, and fluid their kidneys must process

Diabetes is a health condition in which a person is unable to produce enough insulin or respond correctly to it

This hormone is responsible for allowing the body to use glucose from food as energy

If a person is regularly unable to keep their blood glucose within these ranges, they can develop health complications

It may be advisable for people with kidney disease, diabetes, or both to try limiting certain foods. A dietitian will be able to advise a person on which foods may be unsuitable for them

People with kidney disease may benefit from limiting their salt intake. Excess sodium, which is naturally present in many foods and is a major part of table salt

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