Tips that will help you maintain your kidneys and a healthy heart

Many people are not aware that one of the number one killers of good health is attributed to the use of salt

Of course, we will admit salt does give our food flavor, but at the same time, it puts your kidneys under more pressure in having to drain water from the body

Taking a painkiller occasionally is okay, but when it gets too much, you put a strain on the kidneys as the elements found in these medications limit the proper flow of blood

Painkillers in themselves are not dangerous, they just should be used infrequently and in moderation, and if on other medication

A cold left untreated will result in the body producing an excessive number of antibodies, which are a high-risk health factor for your kidneys

Bear in mind, the urine is a base of waste and harmful bacteria that accumulates the longer it stays in; the bacteria will eventually make its way to your kidneys

When you smoke, this allows creatinine to be produced in the body, which slowly makes its way to the kidneys and affects them negatively