Wendy Sandoval saw something else in those visits: an incredible culture of innovation

Already keenly interested in the sciences, particularly robotics, Sandoval was inspired by watching residents of Juarez repurpose scrap material

Her passion and ambition had driven her to take on increasingly bigger projects and recently

Recognizing new opportunities to fuel her creativity, Sandoval decided to take on her most ambitious challenge yet: a prosthetic arm for her best friend

After talking with Shelly, Wendy saw the project as a way to help her friend and put her knowledge to the test. All she needed was a place to build it

Now she had access to technology that would give her the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of programming and electronic

Wendy invents because she wants to make a difference in the lives of other people. That’s why we support Organizations like Fab Lab

Using the 3-D printer at Fab Lab, Wendy built a functioning prototype, working with Shelly to make sure it met her needs